What does FreeShoppingChina.com do?

FreeShoppingChina.com is a Shopping Agent providing shopping and shipping service for customers all over the world. You can place orders and buy almost everything from China via FreeShoppingChina.com, with all the process tracking information exposed to you.


What products can FreeShoppingChina.com shop for you?

As long as the product is legal and there is no violation to the law in China, we can shop it for you. In most cases, our users from different countries request us to shop clothes, toys, bags, shoes and any other products produced in China with pretty low price. You may find more product categories they usually focus on in the following page: http://www.freeShoppingChina.com/taobao.php
BTW, we can only shop products in China as we are in China.

Where does FreeShoppingChina.com buy products from?
There are more than 500 online stores and 100 million shops in China, and the number is still growing. We are providing shopping service on any of those stores as long as they are open in China.
Specially, we do suggest our users to look for products on TaoBao.com, which is the largest C2C online market with thousands of online shops inside. You can almost find everything you want on TaoBao.com and the price is extremely low. You may want to know more on: http://www.taobao.com

Is there anything that FreeShoppingChina.com can’t shop?
FreeShoppingChina.com can almost shop any legal products in China for you. But still, there may be some limitation on the following cases:
-    Product is restricted by the government to ship to other countries.
-    Product is too heavy or large, and can not be taken apart. We may need to introduce extra international export process to get it done in this case.
-    For those products with liquid or cream, or anything that may lead to an explosion, there may be some restriction on the shipping method, including the international shipping and that in the destination country.

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