Is a TaoBao Agent?

Is a TaoBao Agent?
The answer is YES! TaoBao Agent is focus on providing Shopping Service on, which is the largest Chinese C2C market in China and providing more than 10 billion extremely low price products. does provide shopping service on, as a TaoBao Agent.

How many products are there on is the largest C2C online market in China. Very similar to, it’s having thousands of shops inside and more than 10 billion different products with extremely low price. You can almost find everything you want on, for example, clothes, bags, shoes, phones, foods, toys and so on. The following page lists most of the product categories, which may lead you to the right category page on

Are the products on with high quality and low price?
If you are looking for a product on, you may find there are many offers in different shops and the prices vary. With the different prices, the product quality may be different accordingly. In order to find high quality products, it’s strongly encouraged to go to those shops with high scores, which are presented with red heart, diamond, or crown (red heart

How can I find product on without knowing Chinese language?
By default, is presented in simplified Chinese. You may need to install the Chinese language package onto your operating system before reading it. If you can not understand Chinese, you may use some tool to translate the page to your local language. The following tool can be used:
-Google Chrome Browser. This browser is having the function to translate any page to your local language. http://
-Google toolbar:
- Yahoo translation tool and toolbar:

You may also want to refer to the step-by-step tutorial topic: How to find products on Taobao.


How can I submit the order for the product on
Register as a member on, and copy the product information page on to the member center on We will receive it after you submit it. For more information, please refer to the topic: How to Submit Orders.

Do I need to pay for the product on directly?
No, you don’t. As long as you are requesting us to shop the product for you, you only need to pay us. And we will take care of the rest, including shopping the product and paying for the product for you in China with RMB(Chinese Yuan). In fact, there will always be a trouble for foreigners to directly pay on as it’s not an international site and not accepting international bank cards or international credit cards.

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