Why choose FreeShoppingChina.com?

FreeShoppingChina.com is having professional shopping service teams in China and is serving thousands of people all over the world to buy Chinese products from Taobao.com and other online stores. FreeShoppingChina.com is offering excellent, comprehensive customer service every step of the way.

Orders will be processed within 24 hours
All orders you submitted on FreeShoppingChina.com will be handled within 24 hours. Comment will be added to the order if there is a mistake or we are having difficulties to handle it. Email will be sent to you if there is any emergency.

In most cases, an order will be completed very smoothly after being assigned to one of our team member. However, there may be a case that the order itself is not clear yet, we may delay that order with comment behind. For example, you placed an order for a T-shirt but didn’t specify the size and color. We would delay this order with a comment which you may find in the My Orders page in member center.

Orders can be in either Mail Mode or Platform Mode
We accept order in both Mail Mode and Platform Mode. For those who are used to place orders via email, we will continue to provide email communication (Mail Mode). However, we would encourage you to place orders via FreeShoppingChina.com website (Platform Mode), which is more flexible, easier to manage and track your order and shipping parcels, especially when you are placing a bulk order with hundreds of different products inside.

Low service fee & high service quality
We are serving our customers with very low service fee (10% of the total of items cost and domestic shipping within China, with a minimum charge of 50 Chinese Yuan per job). Even, you may get more service fee discount as a VIP member.
In the meanwhile, we may also release e-coupons via Email or websites to help you save more on service fee.

However, we do not reduce the service quality. Every job you submitted will be assigned to right team member for appropriate conduction. Every item in your order will be well taken care of before shipment. Our only goal is to achieve high service satisfaction from YOU!



Additional Benefits

Free Product Quality Check
We are receiving hundreds, even thousands of products every day. However, we do make sure that every product we shopped for you will be fully checked to prevent any product quality problem. We will return any defect product to the seller for a new one to fully protect our customer’s benefit.

Free Packing
Also, we’re providing free packing for products before they are shipped out. Our shipping team will pack all the products you requested in the shipping list into one or several parcels. All are free, including packing material and any logistical procedures.

Shipping Fee Discount
We’re cooperating with several different shipping companies, more and more shipping fee discounts will be provided to our customer. Even, we are able to give you about 45% discount in EMS (Express Mail Service), which is the most commonly used by our customer. You may also check here for more discounts in other shipping method: http://www.freeshoppingchina.com/page.php?action=postage

Product Hunting
There may be a language gap, or you are tired to translate a product name or to find it on Chinese online stores, or even you are not sure if that product can be bought online. Just describe that product to us, we will find it and shop it for you. The product can be either online or offline (in a real shop on the street), as long as you want it. To start product hunting, just send us the product description to service@FreeShoppingChina.com.

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