What is Shipping Serivce?

Generally speaking, Shipping Service is more like a shipping agent to provide various shipping methods to delivery your items to your defined destination. You may want to select appropriate shipping method to delivery your items based on cost, speed and safety.

FreeShoppingChina.com is providing shipping service to people all around the world who wants to ship items from China to other countries or areas in different shipping methods. You may want to refer to the topic Shipping Methods for more details.

For some shipping methods, we can even provide big discount, which will cut down your shipping cost greatly. The following shipping methods are of great discount:
EMS- 45% Off
DHL- 50% Off (fuel fee is also discounted)
UPS- 45% Off (fuel fee is also discounted)
TNT- 35% Off (fuel fee is also discounted)

Air Parcel – No discount yet as it’s already very CHEAP.


If you want to know more shipping prices, please visit our shipping price page: http://www.freeshoppingchina.com/page.php?action=postage


Note: The discount may change frequently as the shipping company’s policy changes. The above amounts are only for reference. Please send query to our customer service (service@FreeShoppingChina.com) for current discount information if needed.

You may also want to refer to the Shipping Method Comparison and Cost Estimation for more details.

In most cases, we strongly suggest our customer to ship items via EMS as it’s safer, with lower cost but high speed. And the most important point is that EMS is having very low possibility for the destination custom to charge for custom taxes, which saves a lot to our customers.

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