Different Airmails

We're providing "Airmail small parcel within 2kg" from the following countries:
1. China Mainland--http://intmail.183.com.cn/item/trace/itemTraceAction.do
2. HongKong -- http://app3.hongkongpost.com/CGI/mt/enquiry.jsp
3. Singapore -- http://www.singpost.com/index.php?quickTool=TrackItem#Quick

By default, we will send the parcel by selecting the quickest Airmail in a specific period. Especially in the end of a year, China Post and HongKong Post are extremely busy which results in serious delay of delivery.

Also, for some sensitive item or special item, we may also select appropriate Airmail to make the delivery possible and safer.

Airmails from different countries or regions need to be tracked in the corresponding websites. However, after about 10 days, will be able to track it in your local post website.

If you have any special request on selecting Airmail, please comment on the remark field when filling shipping information.

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