Faked and Replica items are limited for purchase

In order to improve the experience of shopping with FreeShoppingChina.com and protect the rights of the brand owners, we do not accept any request to purchase replica or faked items.

As there may be possibility that some sellers are selling replica/faked items of well-known brands, we have stopped purchasing many branded items from taobao.com. If you still want to purchase them, please find those branded items on tmall.com and submit new requests.

There are many brands in the limited list, which we are not able to specify here. You will only be prompted when adding a new order and the system will stop the new order when limited brand is detected.

We're trying our best to avoid purchasing replica and faked items. However, it will still be customer's responsibility if the branded item brings any risk.


See more about Replica and Faked items: http://www.freeshoppingchina.com/help.php?action=view&id=106


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