Make Payments with Western U-nion and Wire Transfer/Telegraphic Transfer

For credit card users, please make 1st and 2nd payments with credit card directly in the 1st payment page and 2nd payment page. There is no need to add fund before making payments.

For Western U-nion,Wire Transfer/Telegraphic Transfer and other payment users, please add fund first before making 1st and 2nd payments if you member account balance is not enough. We are using virtual account which is more similar to your bank debit account, you need to add funds into your member account before submitting your orders. You can use different ways to add funds into your member account: Western U-nion, Wire Transfer/Telegraphic Transfer and other payment methods. For more details on adding fund, please refer to the topic: How to Add Funds into Member Account.

Why do I need to add fund when I use Western U-nion or Wire Transfer/Telegraphic Transfer as payment method?
There are two reasons:

1.) Western U-nion payments are NOT instant. We are not able to receive the fund instantly when you send fund via Western U-nion. It usually takes about 1-3 workdays for us to receive the funds. In order to better manage the funds, we will put the funds into your member account after we receive them. You can use the account balance instantly anytime.


2.) Wire Transfer/Telegraphic Transfer(T/T) usually takes 1-5 workdays to arrive, depending on the transfer routine you select. The transaction fee charged by the banks usually varies from 25USD-45USD. If there is any intermediate bank engaged in the routine, the fee is higher. For more details about the routine and related transaction fees, you can consultant your local banks.

3.) Wester U-nion and Wire Transfer/Telegraphic Transfer payments are usually for payments more than 300USD. Due to the transaction fee charged by Western U-nion and banks, it's not worth to send small fund lower than 300USD. However, you may want to place small orders time to time and do not want to waste too much on the transaction fee. You can add fund by sending fund larger than 300USD and add it into your member account. And you can pay your future small orders with your member account balance directly.


4.) Usually, we suggest you use Western U-nion rather than Wire Transfer/Telegraphic Transfer considering the speed and transaction cost. However, Western U-nion is having amount limitation and other restrictions thus you may still want to use Wire Transfer/Telegraphic Transfer when the amount is large, especially for wholesale order amount.

How much is the transaction fee for each Western U-nion payment?
This transaction fee is charged by Western U-nion when you are sending fund. Different countries have different rates. The following rate can only be as reference:
Transfer Amount    Service Fee
500 USD                   15 USD
500-1000 USD           20 USD
1000-2000 USD         25 USD
2000-5000 USD         30 USD
5000-10000USD        40 USD

What is the process to make 1st and 2nd payments with Western U-nion?
As Western U-nion payments must be added into member account balance, the following steps will need to be followed:
1. Send fund to via Western U-nion. See more here about how to send fund.
2. Go to "Add Fund" page and fill the transaction information of your fund.
3. will receive the fund and add it into your account balance within 1-3 workdays.
4. Email notification of adding fund success will be sent to you.
5. You sign in member center to make 1st and 2nd payments with your member account balance.

Note: For urgent orders, please don't add fund too late as it may take about 1-3 workdays to receive the fund. Make sure you make appropriate arrangement.


Check Payment History
You can check the payment history by clicking “My Account History” in the left side in the member center. All the payment record details will be listed here.


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