How to understand the item information from

If you are new here and it's your fist time to wholesale from, the following content may help you better understand the item information better.

1. The Seller Credit Score on

As you can see in the screenshot here, this means this seller is not new seller, and it has been certified for 4 years with Chengxintong Certification offered by Alibaba. However, there is no credit score as that on taobao or ebay to indicate the seller's service, you can only check the certification year and click on it to see more detailed certification information of the seller. Usually, we do not suggest customer to purchase item from new sellers to avoid loss.

supplier info on 1688 item page.

2. Price of the item
The price of the item is usually at the right side of the item picture as marked below.

item price field on item page.

As is a wholesale site, usually seller may offer different prices based on the qty you order. And the price may be listed in a price table as below:

Price for different qty on item page

3. MOQ( minimum of quantity)
Usually the sellers on may define a MOQ for wholesale business. The MOQ can be of the following two conditions:
1. MOQ for the single item: Your order on a specific item should larger than the defined MOQ.
2. MOQ for the orders to this seller: besides the MOQ for the single item, you still need to meet the condition of the MOQ for all the orders to this seller. Usually, the seller may define an amount or qty to be the MOQ for the orders to this seller.
Let's take examples to learn it, pls see below:
a.)The following image shows you the MOQ for single item.

MOQ for item on item page

b.) This one shows you the MOQ for all orders to this seller. This sellers defines the MOQ for the orders to this seller as 300CNY or 30 pieces of any items from his shop. As you can see in is marked as Support mixed batch, it means you can mix any other items to reach the MOQ of 30 pieces or 300CNY.  But basically, this is the definition of MOQ for the orders to this seller.

wholesale conditions on item page.

4. Sales Method: The wholesale by hand/lot
Some seller may define sales method, especially for kid clothes.  Usually the seller may wholesale the kid clothes on Hand/Lot. Hand here is called by Chinese, it means a unit of all sizes together. For example, if the kid clothes have 4 different sizes, one hand/lot of this kid clothes means each of the 4 sizes are contained in it, so it's:  one hand/lot = 4 sizes.
The following images shows one hand/lot = 3 sizes. Usually, you may find more information of the sizes contained in one hand. The information can be found in the following part or in the item detail description part.

specification of a sale unit on item page

5. Color of the item
Usually you will find the color option on the page as displayed below. Usually, we suggest you check the second part of the colors or styles which means they are available. You may even also be able to see the stock and price in that part.

color option of the item on item page

Also, it's suggested for you to read the item detail/description part to know more details of the items or seller's limitation.


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