About Delivery Failure Option

According to the shipping companies, there will be additional cost of parcel's return if delivery failed because of the incorrect address, unreachable receiver or destination customs restrictions, which stops the shipping companies from delivering successfully.

The return option should be selected when the parcel is being shipped out from the origin. There will be no chance to change the option after the parcel departs the origin according to most shipping companies, especially for Airmail, Air Parcel, SAL.

The return costs of different shipping methods are different, but usually lower than the original shipping prices. Detailed return cost will be listed to user when the parcel is returned. (EMS is specially free for return.)

Insurance, if there is, is not covering the risk of return. FSC is not responsible for the cost of the original shipping cost and return cost if the return happened because of incorrect address, unreachable receiver or destination customs restrictions. Shipping cost, service fee, insurance fee(if there is) and any other cost will not be refunded to user if the parcel is returned.

User need to make sure the following to avoid the risk of loss:
a.) Correct addresses are provided;
b.) The receivers are reachable when the parcels arrive the destinations;
c.) The items are not violating the destination customs regulations and there is no delay of paying customs taxes if there is.

If user want to ship the returned parcels again, the shipping cost and insurance fee will be paid again along with the cost of returns before FSC ship them out.(Related service fee will not be charged this time.)

If "No Return" is selected, the parcel will be abandoned after delivery failure and NO compensation will be made to users at all(including item cost, service charge, insurance fee, shipping cost and etc.). Please be aware of this!!!

The return information of a parcel will be based on the trace of the related tracking number. Complaints will be accepted and will be handled according to the above rules, according to all shipping companies.

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