Why did my credit card payment fail?

If you are seeing credit card payment failure, it can be caused by one of the followings reasons:
1. Incorrect Card Information
You need to make sure the card number, card owner name, CVV code are exactly correct.

2. Incorrect Billing Information
Billing information will be used to verify if you are the owner of the card. Make sure you input correct billing information. The billing information is the address information you left to your card issuer. If you are not sure of it now, you can call your card issuer to confirm or reset it.

3. USD IS Not Supported By Your Card
If your card is not supporting USD payment, you will not be able to make the payment. You need to call your card issuer to make sure your card is supporting USD. If it's not, you can request your card issuer to make it for you.

4. Your Card Is Blocked
Some of the failures come with the reason "card blocked".  Basically it's caused by the card itself. And the only way to solve it is to turn to your card issuer to make your card work.

5. Too Frequent Payment Attempts
If you are making payments too frequently in a short time, your card may be limited by your card issuer's system to avoid fraud. This limitation is usually temporary and you can try the payment in another day. But we still suggest you make payments with accurate information to avoid failures and frequent attempts.

6. High Risk Detection
Every payment is monitored by payment system and will be rejected as long as high risk is detected. Make sure the payment is authorized by the card owner and made in a normal environment to avoid this kind of failure.

7. Temporary System Issue
Sometimes, the failure is caused by the system issue, like network connectivity issue. As the payment is a cross border payment, different bank systems will interact with each other in different countries to walk through the payment process and finish it finally. Any network connectivity issue between the systems will cause the failure. But don't worry, this issue rarely happens and usually you will not be charged if the failure comes from it. But it's still suggested that you check your card bills to double confirm it if you happen to see this kind of failure.

8. Card or Buyer Is Restricted
Alipay and related bank systems are having the card's payment history data. If there are too many disputes or charge-backs on the card, the payment will be rejected. Make sure your card is having a good payment history and avoid charge-backs. If refund is needed with any seller, contact the seller to make refund instead of making charge-backs.

9. Payment Is Pending Risk Review
Sometimes you may see the message that your payment is pending risk review. It's because your payment information triggers the system's risk control policy and a review is needed to determine if your payment can be accepted or rejected. And the result will be made to you within 24 hours.

Alternatively, you can pay with Western U-nion or bank wire transfer if your card is not working for you. For more details, please refer to:http://freeshoppingchina.com/help.php?action=view&id=131


The followings are common failure codes:


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