GATI Special Line- Shipping to India from China

As China Post takes a very long time to deliver to India and charges a higher fee, GATI Special Line is introduced for shipments to India. Users who wants to ship items from China to India can consider this special line for better timing and lower cost. The following are the detailed introduction of this special line.

GATI Special Line - Shipping to India from China

-Timing: Shipment will be exported via Shanghai port, delivery timing is about 5-10 days. Shipment will be delivered to receiver's door in India after custom clearance by Gati. If the destination is in remote districts, Gati will request India Post to deliver the shipments.

-Dimensional/Volumetric Weight:  Dimensional/Volumetric Weight(kg)= Length(cm)*Width(cm)*Height(cm)/5000

-Size Limitation: Single length must be less than 150cm. Total length of three sides must be less than 200cm.

-Weight Limitation: 30kg

-Tracking: or

-Delivery Coverage: All India

-Restricted Items: Dangerous items, chemicals, cosmetics, powder, liquid, biochemical products, fresh foods, foods, medicines,adult toys/tools, replica and items with patent issue.

-Insurance: Common insurance provided by FSC.

-Delivery Failure: If the parcel was not successfully delivered, it would be sent to GATI New Delhi facility. Re-arranging the delivery will be at additional cost of 8CNY/kg+12CNY. Parcel will not be returned to China but being diposed in New Delhi if nobody is requesting re-arranging the delivery after the first delivery failure.



Tips and Reminders on Custom Clearance in India:
1. Reference for customs clearance
  a. Sample or gift of reasonable quantity and weight with value within 10000INR (about 150USD) can be released quickly.
  b. The Custom will collect tariff, VAT and customs clearance fees for shipments beyond reasonable range and will discharge the same day.
  c. Cargoes with value within 10000INR (about 150USD) are required to have formal customs clearance directly and the consignee is required to provide information on customs clearance.

2. Customs clearance time estimates—
  document: 2 hours  
  low value cargoes:4 hours  
  high value cargoes: 48 hours

3. Invoice with goods (no matter commercial invoice, proforma invoice or ordinary invoice) must be signed and stamped by the sender/shipper or its authorized representative with complete information on the sender/shipper and consignee. Handwritten invoice cannot be used.

4. Accurate declaration will greatly help the smooth clearance of the cargoes. If any inconsistency is found in the inspection, the consignee or the express (company) may  be fined.

5. Garment fabric, textile goods
   a. The sample shipment is suggested to be controlled within 3KG.
   b. Special attention should be paid to the declared value of the large number of textile goods. The recipient must be a company instead of an individual with IEC customs import and export code.
   c. The consignee may be requested to provide TEXTILE COMMITTEE REPORT.
   d. The ready-made garment refers to the finished product of textile products, such as upper outer garment, trousers, etc. If only as a sample, a single parcel allows up to 10~15 pieces.

6. Machinery parts
   a. Special attention should be paid to the machinery parts. Correct commercial invoice should be presented if they are used in commercial trade.
   b. Invoice must be described in a correct and detailed manner - declared value, quantity, type, application
   For example: invoices can not be simply declared as TEXTILE SPARE PARTS, Specific components must be listed.

7. Hot drilling, glass beads and crystal stone
   a. If only for sample use, the single parcel allows only maximum of 2KG.

   b. For large quantities of cargoes, customs will require DPCC form of custom clearance(DIAMOND PLAZA CARGO COMPLEX)with longer clearance time at the same time.




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