Surface Inspection is not a supplier or seller selling anything, but a purchaser agent to help you do the purchase jobs in China side like remote employees. Therefore, we are offering surface inspection of the products we purchased for you as part of the service instead of taking full responsibility of any product problems. The inspection is free of charge and we can stop more than 95% problems on the products from suppliers. Therefore, surface inspection protects users' benefits and avoid a lot of losses. In order to help users understand how our surface inspection works and what problems can be covered, we are listing the details here.


Surface Inspection Coverage

Obvious Color/Design/Style/Model/Size Difference:

If there is obvious difference on the item after checking it's color/design/style/model/size, the order will be put in Return/Change queue for further return and change/refund from seller.

Item Conditions:

If the item is not in good condition, like damaged, used or with obvious stains/scratches that can't be removed, it will be moved to return/change queue for special care.

Item Quantity:

Items will be counted when they are received. If the incorrect quantity is found, we will move them to return/change queue to contact the seller to ask for refund or have seller ship again for the quantity difference.

Obvious Defects:
We will check the items received to find obvious defects as many as possible. Once the obvious defects are found, we will move the order to return/change queue for return and change/refund with supplier/seller.

Please be aware that we may take different actions according to the item value and quantity. The higher value the item is, the more strict inspection we will do:
* For purchases unit price below 20.00CNY, only quantity counting and fast inspection will be made.
* For bulk purchases of unit price below 100CNY, random spot checks will be conducted.
(Eg. A single order with quantity above 100 pieces; check will be conducted randomly on the color, design & etc. instead of piece by piece,
and we can only ensure about 95% accuracy in quantity.)
* For unit price above 100CNY, items will be inspected piece by piece.
* For items that come in wooden crates or original packaging, inspection will not be conducted.



The Following Issues are Not Covered in Inspection


We will not check if the material is good or not as different people may have different understanding of the same material. Some may say it's good, while some may say it's poor quality. There is no fixed conclusion. Please purchase sample to check if it's acceptable to you before wholesale.

Minor Color Difference:

Due to the light conditions and the computer display differences, the color of the items can be slightly different from what you see on the screen, especially for clothes. Even, sometimes, the colors of different batches of the same products from the same factory can be slightly different. For these minor differences we will let them go. However, if the color difference is obvious(For example, you want to buy a green one while the seller sent a red one), we will put it into return/change queue for special care once it's found.

Minor Design Difference:

Sometimes the item may be upgraded with newer version and there are slight differences of the design. This usually happens to electronic items and apparels. If the difference is not obvious, we will just let it go, otherwise we will put it to return/change queue for special care, too.

Minor Defects:

For some minor defects that can be fixed by user, we will also let them go. For example, if there are some threads on the clothes which can be removed by user, we will ignore them. However, if the defect is obvious, we will move it return/change queue. Very specially, if the item is of too low value and the defects are from the cheap production process or technology, we will also let them go except the defects are obvious. You can purchase some samples first to see if the items can be accepted.

Wet Apparels:

Some apparel items may be a little bit wet when they are shipped from supplier in south China due to weather reason, especially in winter. Usually it's not big problem and we will also ignore them.

Basically, the issues we ignore are those that CAN'T be solved by return and change with supplier/seller because all the items from the suppliers/seller are the same. Or the item value is too low that it's not worth to return and change(The shipping cost may be even higher than the too cheap item value, which makes the seller not willing to undertake the round trip domestic shipping cost).

Function Testing/Inspection
Function testing is not included in surface inspection. Function testing needs a lot of time to study the user manual and do the testing one by one. We don't do it for free by default. If user is requesting function testing/inspection, it will be treated as value added service at the additional charge of 10USD/hour/person. For more details about value added service, please read Value Added Service(



Verification of Original/Genuine/Authenticated Item
This is not surface issue and is not capable to do the verification which needs very professional knowledge and resources. is not suggesting purchasing branded items nor responsible for this risks. For more details, please refer to Purchase Limitation and Tips(



Failure of Surface Inspection

We are able to stop 95%(or above) problems, but we are unable to guarantee all problems on the items can be 100% found because all the items purchased are different and there is no standard or fixed way for inspection. Sometimes, there may be still some problematic items neglected and delivered to you. But according to our statistics, the rate can be controlled under 5%. Once you receive it, you can try the following:


1. Try fixing the item on your own. Especially for wholesale low value item, you may also want to consider it as part of the loss of damage.


2. Send photos and more details to our customer service. We will try help communicate with the seller/supplier to see if there will be some solution from them.


3. Return the items to us by following the Return Policy. The shipping cost and possible custom taxes should be undertaken by you. We will refund you according to the Return Policy.

Please understand that we are only purchaser agent who receive your purchasing request and help you do the purchasing job per your instructions to buy the products from the links you specified. We act more like remote employees and we charge low commission, so we are not able afford all losses(Especially round trip of international shipping) of problematic items. What we can do is to help you reduce 95% (or above) risks and undertake limited losses. If you can't understand it or can't accept it, please stop placing orders to avoid unnecessary complaints.

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