[Dropshipping] Dropshipping items from TaoBao/Tmall to your end clients

New dropshipping system is available now. You can export TaoBao/Tmall item data into your Shopify store easily with auto-translation in 3 steps. When there comes an order, you can request FSC to fulfil the order for you. New dropshipping system has made the data handling and order processing much easier for all sides.

Here are the primary features:
1. TaoBao item data can be exported to your Shopify store with translation: Previously, it's a very horrible job that you copy and paste TaoBao item data into your own shopping website, which takes a very long time. Now, with the popular Shopify's help, you can create a shopping site in several minutes. With our system's export function, you can export TaoBao data and import it into your Shopify store within one hour. Things are made very easy now! Even, you can create a shopping site with hundreds of listings in one day!

2. Item data can be edited before being exported: You can edit the weight, selling price data in our system directly. This will save a lot of time for you from estimating the cost and modifying the selling price in your Shopify store one by one. 

3. 2nd payment can be automatically executed: As long as all the data is correct, our system can move the orders from the beginning to the end directly without your more interference. This is very helpful when you are having a lot of orders. All payments will be recorded with details in database for you to look up any time.

4. Much cheaper shipping prices are offered for small packages: We are offering the lowest prices for small package shipping for you. These prices are much lower than that in Service Mode.

5. Zero Stock dropshipping is fully optimized: This new dropshipping system is designed for zero stock dropshipping mode. You don't need to purchase products and store them in our warehouse before you receive orders. Products will only be purchased after you have received orders from your end customers. 

Dropshipping is designed for sellers who are ready to make efforts to start their own businesses or to grow their businesses, with the lowest financial cost. However, considering the low profit margin and great input we need to maintain this system, we are setting the following conditions and limitations:
1. 20USD will be charged as account fee for enabling this service. After that, 10USD will be charged as monthly fee. If the user can reach 100 orders per month, the monthly fee will be returned.

2. Every order will be charged with 5% commission and extra 3CNY as fixed service fee. For example, if an order is of price 100CNY, FSC will charge 5+3=8CNY from you. (Shipping fee is not included here.)

3. No international branded item is accepted. This is a strict condition that we have zero tolerance. Chinese brands are of no problem. But for international brands(like Guicci, LV, Nike, Addidas, UGG, etc.), whatever if it's genuine or fake, they are not accepted. Account will be locked if deliberate attempts of purchasing international branded items are found.

4. Only paper envelop, bubble envelop, foil bag and other soft packing materials will be offered. Cartons will not be offered. So make sure all of your items are not easy to be damaged. If they are not able to be packaged by the above materials, please don't use this dropshipping service. (Carton packing is more complicated because cartons are heavier and the sizes are not flexible as foil bags. It's proved in the past that carton packaging is not realistic for high efficiency for small package dropshipping.)

5. Credit card payment will be limited. For new users, we will not accept credit card payments. 

6. Items on 1688.com are not well supported. Items on 1688.com are with MOQ and the sellers' actions are slower than those in TaoBao. So orders for items on 1688.com may not run smoothly. Also we didn't extend the function of exporting to Shopify to 1688.com items due to the above reasons.

For more details of introduction of Zero Stock Dropshipping, please read here: Zero Stock Dropshipping

For more conditions and terms of Zero Stock Dropshipping, please read here: Extra Conditions and Terms for Zero Stock Dropshipping


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