[Dropshipping] Extra Conditions and Terms for Zero Stock Dropshipping

1. Consolidation is not supported. Basically it will be handled as "one order ID with one parcel ID". However, in some cases, if the items in one order are too many to ship due to 2kg weight limitation for single package, we may split one order into more packages.  

2. For Payssion payment, it can't be cancelled for refund to your card once the payment is made, because Payssion is not supporting refund function. Please keep this in mind. Think twice before you make Payssion payment. However, the money is still yours and it can still be spent for your other orders.

3. Once an order is shipped out(international shipping), it can not be cancelled any more. For more details, please read the #7 below.

4. If the package was not delivered successfully, the package may be returned to us. To handle the returned packages will be treated as extra jobs and there may be extra fees like shipping fee.

5. If the end customer doesn't like the item received and want to return the item for refund, you need to have the end customer ship the item to your address instead of FSC's address. Of course, later you can sell it to others.

6. Only items on TaoBao or Tmall are supported. Items on 1688.com are not supported.

7. Order Cancellation Rules for Dropshipping:
a.)If the order has not been placed to the seller, it can still be cancelled, there will be no cost.
b.)If the order is already placed to the seller, it can be cancelled by discussing with the seller. However, there will be cost of round trip domestic shipping, double commission and double service charge.
c.)If the order is shipped out to end client(international shipping), the order can NOT be cancelled any more.
Because there are many steps in the whole process and many people engaged, there may be communication delays. FSC can not guarantee all cancellations can be successful. Therefore, do please explain to your end customers with these conditions and terms before they place an order, or take other measures to try best to reduce the rate of order cancellation.


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