[Dropshipping] How to Add Funds to Member Account

We are handling orders in the prepaid mode, which means you need to prepay the orders before we process them. Once you have submitted orders, the corresponding cost will be deducted from your member account. Also, if there is any order canceled, the fund will be returned to your member account accordingly.

You can Add Funds to your member account in the following ways:
1. Visa, MasterCard(Currently not supported for dropshipping)
2. Payssion(including a lot of local payment methods)
3. Bank Wire Transfer, Telegraphic Transfer
4. Payonner  
5. Others

Which payment method Should I use? 
For your convenience and ours, for small deposits under USD$200) we will only accept Payssion payments. For amounts under 800USD, we still suggest users to use Payssion as the primary payment method. For amounts above 800USD, bank wire transfer/telegraphic transfer(T/T) can be your option to save the transaction cost.

Add Funds by Payssion
Payssion(http://www.payssion.com) is dedicated in offering local payment service. It's more like a payment method box including a lot of different local payment methods. You can check their website and search for more info about their service. Currently we have integrated Payssion payment APIs into our system so you can make payments to us directly with Payssion without registering as an user in Payssion.

The following are the steps: Log in and go to “Add Funds” page, choose “Payssion”, and then fill out the form, click “Submit” after you have confirmed all the information is correct. Our cashier page will list all the available payment methods from Payssion for you. You can select the one you want to use and continue the other steps.
Most of the payment methods are instant. However, for some big amount or special payment methods, like "Poli payment" from Austrialia, there may be delays because the banks or gateways need to review the payment risk to guarantee payment safety for both sides.  

After the payment is made successfully, you can check it in "My Account History" page in member center to see the detailed record. Also, if there is a delay, you can also check there to see if the fund has arrived.
*If you have any question regarding this, please send your query to: service@FreeShoppingChina.com.

Add Funds by Bank Wire Transfer( Telegraphic Transfer, T/T)
1. Go to your local bank and ask for send fund via T/T. Usually your local bank will provide the transfer routine for you, and the following information will be required to fill the form.
Hong Kong Account (preferred)
Beneficiary's Name: WANG LIANG
Beneficiary's A/C:  6212 9986 0474 8422
Beneficiary's Bank Address:21 F Bank of America Tower,12 Harcourt Road, Central, Hong Kong.
2. After you have finished the T/T, please log in and go to “Add Funds” page, choose “Wire Transfer”, and then fill out the form, click “Submit” after you have confirmed all the information is correct. We will add fund to your member account in time after we have received it.
Add fund via Wire Transfer
3. Usually the fund will arrive to our account in 3-5 days, depending to the transfer routine you selected.
Add Funds by Payonner
We are planning to use Payonner for receiving payments from dropshipping users. More details will be provided once it’s ready. 

Note: Unlike local payments, international payments are always with cost. For example, Payssion charges around 4% as transaction fee, banks charge around 50USD for each wire transfer transaction. Please consider this cost into your total business cost. FSC is not able to cover this fee for you as FSC is a purchase agent with very low profit margin.


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