Payment Methods

There are two ways for you to add funds into your member account:
-Add fund in the member center via credit card instant payment interface. See a demo here: How to Add funds with Credit Card.
-Transfer money via Western U-nion, Wire/Telegraphic Transfer or Webmoney, and fill the transfer form in the member center. See a demo here: How to Add funds via Western U-nion and How to Add funds via Wire/Telegraphic Transfer.



What’s the difference between those payment methods?

Credit Card Instant Payment Interface:

We have enabled Credit Card Instant Payment Interface which makes adding fund instantly possible. Currently, we are able to accept the following credit card types: Visa, MasterCard, JCB.


The current credit card instant payment channel is from Alipay, which is the most popular online payment platform in China. All transactions on and are on Alipay, so it's trustable and safe. You don't need to register on Alipay, you only need to be aware that the credit card instant payment gateway is from Alipay and don't feel surprised when you see the Alipay cashier page pops up when adding fund via credit card. For more information about Alipay, please refer to Alipay website:


We would encourage you to use this method when the fund amount is less than 300 USD. It's instant and very convenient.  However, credit card channel is charging for about 3.9% of the total amount as the transaction fee. It's charged by credit card channel itself, not by You may also want to refer to the topic: How to Add Funds to Credit Card.

Western U-nion

When you need to add funds into your account with more than 500 USD, you are encourage to use Western U-nion for lower transfer service fee. The following shows the service fee rate from Western U-nion:

Transfer Amount     Service Fee
500 USD                15 USD
500-1000 USD        20 USD
1000-2000 USD      25 USD
2000-5000 USD      30 USD

5000-10000USD     40 USD


To transfer money via Western U-nion, you need to go to a Western U-nion agent, and fill a money transfer form. In some country, you may even able to transfer money online instead of going to the agent. You can go to Western U nion's website for more details of your nearest Western U nion agent.


You may also want to refer to the topic: How to Add Funds via Western U nion.

Wire/Telegraphic Transfer

If you are going to place a larger order which is above 1000USD, or there is limitation of money transfer in other methods in your country, you may want to consider Wire/Telegraphic Transfer as a bank account to bank account money transfer. Wire/Telegraphic Transfer, or called T/T, is also well known in international businesses and commonly used.


You may also want to refer to topic: How to Add Funds via Wire/Telegraphic Transfer



We are planning to use WebMoney as an alternative payment method for Russian customers. More details will be provided once it’s ready.


Payment Methods Comparison Table

Methods Credit Card T/T
Western U nion WebMoney
instant 3-5 days
1-3 hours
Not Ready yet
Transaction Fee
3.9% Fixed, 15-50USD
Low Fee Not Ready yet
Currency Accepted
US Dollar
US Dollar US Dollar US Dollar
*Note: All transaction fees here are charged by bank or agent or platform, not by

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