Shipping Methods Comparison

The following is a comparison of different shipping methods. EMS is strongly recommended because of its safety, speed, cost, custom clearance ability, and timely tracking and trace.

Service Speed Expense Delivery time Comments
EMS fast standard 5-10 working days recommended
Airmail (small parcel within 2kg) normal low 15-20 working days good for light stuffs
Air Parcel slow cheap for some countries 2-4 weeks recommended for some countries
SAL Parcel slower cheaper 3-8 weeks slow but cheapest
DHL/UPS very fast expensive 3-7 working days good for urgent order or heavy parcel over 20kg

*The delivery time shown above is in normal situation. It is not a promised schedule. Parcels might be delayed during some special period such like Christmas holiday.

Different shipping methods may have different prices. Please refer to shipping fee charts for detailed prices.


If you think your parcel was delayed or maybe lost somewhere, please check our after-sale policy and contact us for solution.

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