Unsuccessful Payment

1.Unsuccessful payment of credit card or debit card may be caused by the following reasons:
  (1)If incorrect billing information you entered when making payment with credit card or debit card, it will come up with the error when card issuer is reviewing the information. And this will cause the failure of automatically adding funds.

  (2)If you repeat the payment frequently in a very short period, the system may only be able to retrieve one payment information.

  (3)If you fill the wrong information when making the payment, bank settlement will fail.

  (4)Your browser may sometimes lead to an unsuccessful payment.You can try clearing browser Cookies and try again. If it still fails, try switching to another browser and make another attempt.

2.Unsuccessful payment of MoneyGram, Western U-nion may be caused by the following reasons:
  (1) If you failed to send the transfer information (such as transfer amount, reference number) to us after you have transferred the money, we would not be able to add funds into your member account manually. Please fill the form in the member center or mail to service@FreeShoppingChina.com with the information required.

  (2) If you sent transfer information in weekends or holidays, we might not be able to verify and add funds into your member account in time.

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