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Cost Estimation


1. For personal items and complex small items, we strongly recommend you select EMS. It's safer and faster, and it updates tracking information timely.

2. For wholesale items, please read more information about Best Practice For Selecting International Shipping.

3. Carton size is needed for calculating volumetric/Dimensional Weight by the commercial shipping like DHL/UPS/FEDEX/TNT and other commercial Special Lines. But China Post usually doesn't need it.

1: Total Product Cost: CNY

2: Total Product Weight: g ( The unit is Gram here! )

3: Carton Size: X X cm(Carton Size is optinal! It's for calculating volumetric weight!)

4: Destination Region:


More Information:

Special Line is treated as commercial shipping. For detailed accurate price, please contact customer service.
VERY IMPORTANT: Liquid, powder, cream, battery, international branded products and any other dangerous or sensitive items are not accepted by any commercial shipping company. For battery items, usually there are special channels shipping them.
Dimensional Weight(Volume Weight) will be calculated and compared with real weight. The higher one will be adopted for calculating shipping cost. If you ship some low density packages, please be careful, it may be charged according to the dimensional weight.
Calculation method: (L cm x W cm x H cm)/5000

For example:

Carton Size: Length 46cm X Width 25cm X Height 45cm .
Dimensional/Volumetric Weight = 46*25*45/5000 = 10.35 KG

* The price above is only for reference. The price of DHL, ARAMEX, TNT, UPS and other commercial shipping are changing time to time. Please inquiry customer service for new price.