Purchasing from 1688.com with FSC & Consolidated Shipping with Your Forwarder(B2B EXW Solution)
By purchasing from 1688.com with FSC, you can save up to 45% or even more!(See More Details)

What is 1688.com?

This solution is the most economical and efficient solution for B2B deals, under EXW trade term. It can greatly cut down the China inland shipping cost(from supplier to your forwarder) and shorten the entire logistics time. It's very helpful for purchasing low value items or heavy/big items in batches. However, you will need to find your own forwarder first. Your forwarder will be responsible for handling the consolidation and shipping of the goods, while FSC will focus on handling the purchasing jobs with the suppliers. If you can't find a forwarder, FSC can also recommend one to you.

This solution is strongly recommended to Ebay Top Rated Sellers out of China, because it can even overwhelm the Chinese native Top Rated Sellers. By using this solution, the entire purchasing cost is almost the same as that to the Chinese native Ebay sellers because they also purchase from 1688.com(the same sources), while you are having extra advantages(your local shipping and customer service). So you can do the business better than those Chinese Ebay sellers. The following comparison table shows your advantages:

You China Native Ebay Sellers
(China warehouse)
China Native Ebay Sellers
(Oversea warehouse)
Product Cost Almost the same Almost the same Almost the same
Stock Preparing Speed 1-2 weeks 3-7 days 1-2 weeks
Delivering to End Customer Very fast & Cheap(Local shipping) Very slow & Expensive Very fast but very expensive for oversea warehouse fulfillment
Entire Shipping Cost Lower(Consolidated big parcel shipping + local small package shipping) High(all international small package shipping) High(Consolidated big parcel shipping + local small package shipping+ oversea warehouse fulfillment cost)
Customer Service Native customer service(better) Foreigner customer service(difficult) Foreigner customer service(difficult)
(Use Case Scenario)

Advantage: This solution maximally cuts down the entire purchasing cost and speeds up the whole process. In the view of speed and cost saving, this solution is the best one.

Disadvantage: FSC will have no chance to inspect the goods, there is still a small rate that defective or incorrect items will be sent by suppliers. So, it's not suggested for high value items which require inspections. Of course, additional measures like "photo before shipping" can be taken to lower down the risks.

Workflow of Purchasing from 1688.com with FSC & Consolidated Shipping with Your Forwarder

(B2B EXW Solution)

  • Step 1. You Add Items into Shopping Cart
  • Step 3. FSC Purchases Items & Arranges Shipping to Your Forwarder
  • Step 5. You Track & Receive the Goods
Workflow of Purchasing from 1688.com with FSC & Consolidated Shipping with Your Forwarder
  • Step 2. You Submit Orders & Make Payments
  • Step 4. Your Forwarder Consolidates and Ships Out the Goods
Prerequisite: Find a Forwarder Who Offers Good Shipping Prices

This solution requires you to find your own shipping forwarder who can offer good shipping prices. Even though most purchase agents can offer shipping service, but usually a professional shipping company can offer better shipping prices. To maximally cut down the shipping cost, it's suggested you find a professional shipping company as your own shipping forwarder. If you can't find it, FSC can also recommend some forwarders which are used by other customers.

Step 1. You Add Items Into Shopping Cart
Step 1.  Add Items Into Shopping Cart

Browse the 1688.com to find the products you want to purchase. There are 2 ways to add the products into FSC's shopping cart:

1.Copy the item URLs and paste them into FSC's Add New Order page;
2.If you are already having an excel list of items you want to purchase, you can import it into FSC's shopping cart in the Add Batch Orders page.

If you are going to purchase the items regularly, you can also add the items into FSC's Favorites page from the shopping cart so that you can make quick ordering in your next purchase.

  • How to translate Chinese Taobao or 1688.com into English site?

    Reading Chinese web pages is no longer difficult for you now with translation tools' help, even if you can not speak or read Chinese at all. Usually the translation tools can help you translate the whole webpage into English or any other language you speak. We suggest you use Google Chrome browser's built-in translation function or google toolbar's translation function. For more details, please refer to this topic: Translation Tools (http://www.freeshoppingchina.com/help.php?action=view&id=104).

  • How to find products from 1688.com?

    You can browse or search products on 1688.com, which is also called alibaba.cn. Usually we use search function to find the item we want. Very similar to any other shopping site, you can just input the keywords and click the search button to bring out the search results. However, you MUST be aware that you need to translate the keywords into Chinese and then paste into 1688.com's search text box before you click the search button so that the search can run well. If you input English keywords directly, 1688.com will only try bringing out the results with the English keywords included, which means there will be far fewer products brought out. This is a computer technical limitation. Chinese characters and English characters are treated equally as different characters in 1688.com system and 1688.com won't translate them automatically. To make it easier, FSC provides an intermediate page in which you can just input the language you speak and it will be translated into Chinese before the related search result page is brought out. Please refer to this topic for more details: How to find products on 1688.com(alibaba.cn) (http://www.freeshoppingchina.com/help.php?action=view&id=135).

Step 2. You Submit Orders & Make Payments
Step 2.  Submit Orders & Make Payments

Fill the shipping information and accept the conditions and terms to submit the orders into FSC's purchase workflow. Payment will be made in this step and orders will be taken care of by FSC's purchasers afterwards.


1. Your forwarder's contact and warehouse address will be required when you submit orders, which will be passed to the 1688.com suppliers.

2. As it is a B2B fast solution, only 100% T/T(bank wire transfer) prepayment will be accepted for your orders.

Step 3. FSC Purchases Items & Arranges Shipping to Your Forwarder
Step 3.  FSC Purchases Items & Arranges Shipping to Your Forwarder

FSC will review review your order before accepting them to see if they are violating the conditions or limitations. After that, FSC purchaser team will purchase the goods from a variety of 1688.com suppliers according to your order list. In the purchase process, purchaser team may ask for additional information by sending messages on the orders if needed. Also, our purchaser team will coordinate the suppliers to ship the goods directly to your forwarder's warehouse address.

Usually the goods can be delivered to your forwarder in 1-3 workdays. However, if the supplier is making delays or the order is complicated(for example, a customized item), it may take longer. Once the goods are shipped out by the suppliers, our system will show you the China inland shipping tracking numbers for you to track the packages. And you can easily see where the packages are and when the packages will arrive to your forwarder.

Specially for large/heavy items or high value items, FSC will request the suppliers to take photos of the items before they ship out so that we can have a chance to check the items to lower down the risks.

  • How can I know when my items are in my forwarder's warehouse?

    Usually items arrive in your forwarder's warehouse in 1-3 workdays after sellers shipped out in time. Some special items may take longer. Especially those items which will be produced by factories after the orders are placed will take much longer time. You can always use the tracking number to search on www.kuaidi100.com to see the package's tracking trace.

  • What is the China domestic shipping price?

    China domestic shipping starts at 12CNY as the first 1kg weight, and 8-12CNY for every additional kilo. However, usually wholesale sellers may get discount from domestic express companies so the price may be even cheaper. 12CNY is charged as minimum domestic shipping for every parcel from taobao.com and 15CNY for every parcel from 1688.com when you place order on FSC system. If the real domestic shipping fee from seller is higher than it, FSC purchaser will adjust the cost and send you a notification/message on the specific order. For more details, please refer to the topic: Domestic Shipping & International Shipping (http://www.freeshoppingchina.com/help.php?action=view&id=55).

  • Are the items from same seller charged for one total China domestic shipping?

    Yes, the domestic shipping cost is only charged once if you purchase multiple items at the same time from the same seller. However, you need to be aware you need to submit the orders to the same seller together in the same order list to have the orders share the one domestic shipping. If you submit them in different order lists, the domestic shipping cost will be charged separately. The minimum is 12CNY for taobao orders and 15CNY for 1688.com orders, which is charged by FSC system by default. If the real cost is higher, adjustement along with notification/message will be sent to you on the specific order/seller.

  • Can I cancel the orders in this step?

    If the order status is "pending" or "invalid", you can cancel the order freely. Otherwise, you need to confirm with FSC purchaser to see if the order can be cancelled. If the order is already shipped out by seller, canceling the order means the loss of round trip domestic shipping cost and a series of communication and procedures on 1688.com platform which will result in 20% of service charge. For more details, please refer to FSC's conditions and terms of Order Cancellation (http://www.freeshoppingchina.com/help.php?action=view&id=116).

  • How do I get refund from the invalid orders?

    When the order is marked as "Invalid", you can just simply click the "X" in the head of the order to delete the order and get the item cost returned to your member account on FSC system. If you further want to send back to you via bank, you can submit a Withdraw Fund request to make it. For more details, please refer to the topic: Refund & Withdraw Fund (http://www.freeshoppingchina.com/help.php?action=view&id=25).

Step 4. Your Forwarder Consolidates and Ships Out the Goods
Step 4.  Forwarder Consolidates and Ships Out the Goods

When all of the goods from different suppliers have arrived to your forwarder, you can request your forwarder to consolidate them into big cartons. Shipping cost will be calculated by your forwarder after the consolidation repacking is done. You will pay your forwarder directly for the shipping fee to get the lowest shipping price. And your forwarder will arrange shipping for you after that. FSC will not participate in this step, except you request FSC to handle it for you on your behalf with extra cost.

Step 5. You Track & Receive the Goods
Step 5.  You Track & Receive the Goods

After your forwarder shipped out the goods, you can track the shipments with your forwarder. Once you have received the goods, you will need to check them ASAP and report the issue to FSC if there is any. And FSC will help communicate with the suppliers for solutions as after-sales jobs.

  • Why should I purchase from 1688.com instead of Alibaba.com or AliExpress.com?

    Cheaper! Much cheaper! For the exact same product, the price on 1688.com is much cheaper than that on AliExpress or Alibaba. In fact, many AliExpress or Alibaba sellers source the products from 1688.com and sell on other platforms with much higher prices. So, 1688.com is the source of many products. Let's take a look at the following example:

    This is a 1080P HDMI to VGA cable converter. The following price is from Aliexpress.com, as you can see it's US $3.63.

    On Ebay, the price is even higher, it's US $5.2.

    The magic price is on 1688.com, it's 8.5RMB=US $1.39 only!

    This is real! The same product only costs 8.5RMB(US $1.39) on 1688.com but can be sold almost at triple the price on Aliexpress.com and 4 times on Ebay. Of course, the price on Ebay is the retail price and we can ignore it. But as a purchaser or boss, which one do you think that you can benefit more from? Aliexpress or 1688.com?

    Now, let's dig further in the cost view.

    If you purchase from 1688.com with a purchase agent, the purchase cost will consist of the following:
    Item cost, shipping cost(China domestic shipping + international shipping), payment bank's charge, currency exchange cost, labor service/employment cost/commission.

    Here, we assume you purchase 50 kinds of different gadget products with the quantity 30pcs each. So the total quantity will be 1,500 pcs. In order to make the calculation easier, we assume all of the items are of the same price(8.5RMB=US $1.39) and same weight(50g).
    Item Cost: 8.5x1500=12750 RMB=US $2090.16
    Item Total Gross Weight: 78.75kgs
    China Domestic Shipping: 50x12=600RMB=US $98.36 (Assuming the 50 kinds of products are from different suppliers, and each supplier charges 12RMB=US $1.96 for China domestic shipping.)
    Consolidated International Shipping: 78.75x60=4725RMB=US $774.59 (I assume the destination country is France, and the current price is 60RMB/kg from FEDEX-IP, which only takes about 3-7 days to deliver. The detailed price will be offered by your forwarder, which may be cheaper depending on the shipping method you select.)
    Bank's Payment Charge: US $35 for wire transfer transaction(telegraphic transfer)
    Currency Exchange: Assuming the exchange rate is US $=6.1RMB
    Commission: (12750+600)x0.08=1068RMB=US $175.08

    The Total Cost: 2090.16+98.36+774.59+35+175.08=US $3173.19
    The Average Item Cost: 3173.19/1500=US $2.12

    Comparing to the price US $3.63 on Aliexpress.com, you can save the purchase cost: (3.63-2.12)/3.63 =41.60%

    Another thing is that the Aliexpress seller offers free shipping, which is actually very slow shipping taking about 1 month. If you want to upgrade to FEDEX-IP, they will charge you extra shipping fee. I assume that they are willing to undertake half of the FEDEX-IP shipping fee and charge you the other half as 774.59/2= US $387.30. This extra cost can be averaged to each item, which makes the single price as 3.63+0.26=US $3.89. (In real deals, the FEDEX shipping fee will be even higher, because those 50 kinds of items are from different Aliexpress sellers and each seller can only ship small packages to you, instead of a total consolidated shipping. The shipping price of FEDEX small packages is much more expensive than that for big packages above 20kgs. )

    So, for the same items with the same shipping speed, you will save the purchase cost: (3.89-2.12)/3.89=45.5% or even more!

    Actually you can further cut down the cost on shipping, if your forwarder can offer you other options like Air Cargo, Train shipping, Sea Cargo, etc. And you can save more!

    If you are already selling something, you can also try searching the products on 1688.com on your own to compare the prices.

  • How can I search for products on 1688.com without speaking Chinese language?

    The easiest search is image search supported by 1688.com, which allows you not to worry about the language. Just take a screenshot of the product and upload into the 1688 search bar, the result will come out. Let's still take the converter as example:

    Step 1:You take a screenshot of the product as following:

    Step 2: Click the image search button(camera icon) and upload the image to the 1688 search bar.

    Step 3. The search result will come out, and you can find the most similar items.

    If you are purchasing with us, we can also help you search for the products for free.

  • Why should I pay a commission? Can I purchase on my own to save the commission?

    FSC team's charge is commission based instead of hour based or adding price to products. It's pretty fair that you only pay us when we complete the purchasing jobs. Of course, you can purchase the goods with 1688.com suppliers on your own as long as you know Chinese and can communicate with the suppliers fluently. But actually, it's still very hard to do so because there will always be communication barriers and payment difficulties if you do it on your own, considering that most 1688.com suppliers can't speak English and China is a foreign currency controlled country.

  • What if I didn't receive the goods? What can I do?

    The goods will be shipped from 1688.com suppliers to your forwarder directly with a tracking number. So we can easily track the package and confirm if it's delivered or not. However, if the supplier sent an incorrect quantity of the products, it will not be discovered until you receive the goods from your forwarder. In that case, you will need to keep as much evidence as possible and report to FSC. FSC purchaser team will help you contact the supplier to get a solution for you.

  • Will my business secrets be exposed to others?

    Don't worry. FSC will always keep your business info as top secrets and will never expose to others per the privacy policy.

  • Can I use this solution if I'm a business starter?

    Frankly speaking, we don't suggest starters to use this solution, except you are very confident in your market and willing to purchase a lot to build up your stock. This is risky to starters, and the entire process will take you much time.

  • Can I use a credit card or Paypal to make the payment?

    Sorry, for this B2B solution, we are not accepting credit card or Paypal payment. Only T/T( bank wire transfer) is supported. However, you can use a third party transfer company like wise.com to make T/T transfers to us with your credit card. They may accept credit cards to make T/T transfers.

  • How do I know how much I should pay? It seems complicated to calculate?

    Don't worry. We are making it smart to go with 3 steps:
    1.) You add the products into the shopping cart in our system, and our system will automatically generate the inquiry datasheet for you.
    2.) You send the datasheet to our customer service, and we will send you back a proforma invoice(PI) with the cost details.
    3.) You make the payment based on the proforma invoice.

  • What if the product I want to purchase is out of stock? Will you refund?

    If the product you want to purchase is out of stock from a supplier, we will help you search it on 1688.com to see if other suppliers can offer. If none of them can offer it, the order will be canceled. The money will be returned to your member account balance in our system, instead of transferring back to you by bank. Your account balance is still your money and can be used in your next purchase. (Therefore, this solution is for stable business, who can purchase regularly. Occasional purchase is not suggested to use this solution.)

  • Will this business be safe?

    Firstly, our website/services are safe. Our team has been offering the purchase agent service for more than 9 years, since 2012. You can check our website profile and history in google for more background research. Secondly, this solution is safe as it's been used by many users for several years. This solution was not put out separately before because we put it silently under solution #2 (Large Wholesale with FSC and Third Party Shipping Forwarder). It was previously designed for purchasing large items for sea freight. However, later we found more and more small gadget buyers also prefer to have the goods shipped from suppliers to their air forwarder directly to save time and shipping cost. Therefore, we are now putting this solution separately with strong confidence based on more than 3 years of experience.

  • Can I buy anything I want if I use this solution?

    Basically yes. However, you still need to consider the following factors: 1.) The products must be legal in both China and the destination country. 2.) Too complicated types of products may bring shipping difficulties. For example, if you are going to buy items with batteries, liquid/cream, powder, foods, magnets, which are treated as different types of sensitive items, your forwarder may not be able to ship for you because of one or several restrictions. FSC will also help remind you about the sensitive items for you with our experience before the orders.

  • Why should I find my own shipping forwarder? Can't FSC offer shipping service directly to make it easier for me?

    Your own shipping forwarder's price will probably be cheaper! FSC can offer shipping service but the price may be higher than that from your own shipping forwarder, because we need to cover the cost of extra jobs we need to do. So we always encourage you to use your own shipping forwarder in this B2B solution to cut down the cost maximally.

  • Can FSC help communicate with the forwarder for international shipping details on my behalf?

    Yes. However, this means extra jobs with extra charge at about 6%-8% of the shipping fee. The detailed fee rate depends on the review of your orders and the workload of the communication jobs for shipping. FSC encourages you to handle the intentional shipping on your own to save cost.

  • Can FSC also be the intentional shipping agent to offer a one stop solution(purchasing+shipping)?

    Yes. FSC can also offer a one stop solution to include international shipping, as a more convenient solution. However, this will cause a shipping fee raise to you because FSC will also charge about 6%-10% extra on top of the original shipping fee offered by the forwarder, for the extra jobs and risks engaged. FSC encourages you to handle the intentional shipping with your forwarder on your own to save cost. But if you are too busy or not convenient to arrange shipping details, you can request FSC to do it.

  • Who will pay for the international shipping fee to my forwarder?

    You will need to pay for the international shipping fee to your forwarder directly or indirectly. If you are not able to pay your forwarder directly, you can also request FSC to pay your forwarder, in the condition that you have sufficient account balance in your member account.

  • How can I find my own shipping forwarders?

    You can search on alibaba.com or google to find the shipping forwarder agent companies. If you can't find them, FSC can also recommend some of those which are used by other users.

  • Can I use this solution if I'm buying products for self use?

    Sorry, no. This is a B2B solution, instead of a B2C solution. Using it for self use products will bring unexpected troubles that you may not want to see.

  • Can I use this solution if I'm only purchasing a small quantity of products?

    Yes, of course. However, there will be two issues you need to think about:
    1.) The shipping fee may be high for small quantities of products. Usually cheaper shipping prices can only be offered by your forwarder when the total package weight is above 20kgs.
    2.) If the quantity is too small, the cost cut down may not be worth your time input.

  • Can I buy from Taobao.com instead of 1688.com?

    Yes, you can. But for general products, the prices on 1688.com may be half or a third of the prices on Taobao. So why do you want to buy from Taobao? Of course, for some special items like wedding dress, shoes, some good designs are only sold on Taobao and can not be found on 1688.com, and you may want to buy them from Taobao.

  • What is the commission rate?

    We offer different commission rates based on your purchase amounts.

    Purchase Amount(US $) Commission Rate
    Under 200 Not Accepted
    200-2000 10%
    2000-3000 8%
    3000-5000 6%
    5000-10000 5%
    10000+ 3%

    However, the above rate rule is not fixed. We will also review your order complexity to adjust the rate. For the same amount, the complexity may be different which means time input is different. The more complex order it is, the higher reasonable rate it will be applied with.

It's not meeting your needs? Check other workflows:
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